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Alumecano Plywood

Alumecano Plywood is a totally “mechanized” decking system that uses only 3 basic elements:

Support Girder, Main Girder and Drophead.

The design of its elements optimises to the maximum its dimensions and materials for a more rational and effective use. Design that also facilitates the assembly as well, contributing efficiency in the stages of work.

Alumecano Plywood stands out as well by its lightness and resistance that allows a longer use and better handling for the workers.

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  • Easy to assembly: only 3 main elements allowing faster and intuitive assembly.
  • Mechanized system: semi-rigid unions and guided position of the girders.
  • Light system: Main girder with dropheads (25Kg), approximately 50% less than other similar systems of the market.
  • Stable grid structure: structural elements incorporating “U” guiding the structure.
  • Resistant components: Main girder and Support girder made of high resistance steel.
  • Safe design: Drophead with double support, it provides a stable and safe support for the formwork surface.
  • Early stripping: 3 days after pouring*, 80% of the material can be recovered.
  • No need to set-out props: thanks to the drophead and the design of main girders it is not necessary to set-out props.
  • Cost-effectiveness: early stripping allows shorter elapsed time pouring cycles.
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