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Mecanoconcept One concept, multiple solutions

Traditional formwork system for exposed concrete slabs, consisting of steel beams – Girders and Suport girders– supported by adjustable height supports such as the Alisan prop or the Europrop.

MecanoFlex system allows the Girders, Suport Girders and props to be distributed as appropriate to support the weight of the slab to be poured. It also makes it easy to handle intersections between walls and hanging joists, because the components are able to overlap each other both in the direction of the Girders and the Suport girders.

To achieve an exposed concrete finish, the system uses phenolic resin-coated plywood as the formwork surface. The Alisan Panel product range can also be used.

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  • Quick, simple and easy mechanical assembly system optimizes performance.
  • Flexible and versatile system adapts to various work configurations.
  • Braced system; when Girders are secured in the corresponding housing, they cannot slip.
  • Durable components: Suport girders manufactured of highly durable steel.
  • Any formwork surface can be used: panel or phenolic resin-coated plywood.
  • Panel/phenolic resin-coated plywood can be nailed to the Girders.
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