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Mecanoconcept One concept, multiple solutions

A formwork system, reusable on the build, for one way flat and/or hanging beam formwork with prefabricated beams and prefabricated lightweight bricks.

The system provides an efficient, quick and safe solution. It consists of three main elements: The Main Girder, The Beam support, and the Support Girder, the latter coming in two standard widths 0,98 m and 1,97 m, and a special width of 1,18 m.

The Alujacena system is assembled using the following accessories:

  • Alisan Tripod.
  • Alisan Prop (1 to 6 m) and Europrop.
  • The Alisan Panel Range.
  • Column Base Finishing plates.
  • Alisan skirting.
  • Alsipercha (Alsina fall prevention system).


Simple and quick to assemble and disassemble as it only consists of two basic elements, wood joists and Support.


The wood joists can nail the board and ensure encofrante sur face, this step can safely anywhere in the formwork.


Most of the items are recovered within 3 days of concreting and can be reused. Only is a girder support bracket for each question.

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