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Mecanoconcept One concept, multiple solutions

Recoverable formwork system that allows making two-way waffle slabs with reusable domes, widely used in car parks and commercial, schools, and sports facilities, etc. The Alucubetas system allows making slabs with a standard 80x80 cm grid (with 12 cm ribs), allowing the implementation of other rib dimensions.

Following the maximum saving of concrete criterion, the design of the new injected polypropylene Alisan dome fits the standard elements of the Alucubetas system. The experience has enabled us to reach optimal designs that provide minimum deformations, minimum breakage and maximum easiness in form removal.

Three days after pouring concrete the 80% of the elements can be recovered: support girders, intermediate girders, drop-heads, domes and boards. A line of girders every 2,40 m provides shoring until 21 or 28 days later when the concrete reaches its characteristic resistance. When using 20 and 40 cm domes the distance between girders will be 1,60 m.

  • 20 cm Dome. – 82 l.
  • 25 cm Dome – 99 l.
  • 30 cm Dome – 118 l.
  • 35 cm Dome – 127 l.
  • 40 cm Dome – 137 l.
  • Maximum saving of concrete.
  • Advantages of Alumecano system by using part of its components.
  • Higher security in the support of the dome.
  • Improved concrete quality; the Alisan Dome incorporates a metal frame to straighten the ribs.
  • Compatible with Alsipercha system. This ensures the security of the operator at all times during the decking and floor finishing phases.
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